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We're the Official Distributor for Nikoloon Mosaic Frames for Balloons in the USA!
Our Current Fulfillment Rates Are 2-5 Business Days.


Q.) Are balloons included? No, they are sold separately. See our balloon section for a wide selection to choose from. 

Q:) Do mosaics have to be used with balloons only? No. You can use fresh flowers, fake flowers, diapers or any type of décor that fits your projects look. The possibilities are endless. 

Q:) How much is shipping? Shipping varies depending on where your package is going. The average cost of shipping is from $14-$25

Q: Is Balloon Nerds liable for shipping delays? Balloon Nerds is not liable for shipping delays by any carrier. Once product has left our warehouse we are not responsible for late arrivals or shipping delays and will not accept returns for such.

Q.) What is the return policy for mosaics? Balloon Nerds does not accept any returns of Nikoloon Mosaics. If you fell like the package was damaged during shipping please send a picture of the outer and inner packed box for our team to evaluate whether or not your order qualifies for a product exchange. 

Q: What if  "I" damage or break my mosaic?  Balloon Nerds reserves the right to refuse a refund for a customers that break or does not follow the construction guidelines provided in each box. Balloon Nerds does not sell replacement pieces so if you ruin or damage a provided piece you will need to re-order another mosaic to replace.

Q: Does my mosaic come with glue? No. You will need to use a low/dual temp glue gun that has temperature control. Use on cool setting. Make sure to follow the instructions on glue placement and remember less is more. 

Q: What is the average amount of time to complete a mosaic? There is no set amount of time, some designs take longer than others. Most individuals are able to complete a mosaic in 1-2 hours. Individual times may vary. 

Q: How many balloons do you need to complete a mosaic?  At-least 50 to 100 balloons for a standard size mosaic. For an XL sized mosaic it should take 100-150 balloons. Amount of balloons will vary based size and desired look of mosaic. 

Q: What size of balloon should I use? We recommend using  a combination of 5" & 12" latex balloons. Creativity is endless, you can add flowers, foil shapes and various other decorative items. 

Q: Do the mosaics stand on their own? While some mosaics come with a base others do not. We recommend leaning them up against something. 

Q: Do I need to assemble the mosaic? The mosaics do not come fully assembled. Each package includes all the puzzle pieces needed to assemble your balloon mosaic and corrugated board container. Glue and balloons sold separately. 

Q: What is the mosaic made out of? Mosaics are made out of Styrofoam base and corrugated board. 

Q: Can they be used multiple times? While we would discourage using more than once, if handled with care you could get a few uses out of each mosaic. These are not recommended for rental or lease programs.