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We're the Official Distributor for Nikoloon Mosaic Frames for Balloons in the USA!
Our Current Fulfillment Rates Are 2-5 Business Days.


 Take the puzzle-like pieces made of styrofoam and fit all the pieces together as shown on the picture on the attached instructions.
You can glue the parts together using a low temperature glue gun. Make sure that the glue is not too hot as it could melt some of the styrofoam.

Next, glue the bottom styrofoam plate which serves as base to the decoration frame.

Once that is done, glue the corrugated cardboard to the edge of the back wall.
Begin at the base of the frame.
Glue the cardboard in such way that the smooth side is facing out and the corrugated side is facing in.
Glue only a short length of cardboard at a time, making sure that the glue has cooled/dried a little and then continue to glue the next short piece of cardboard.
Continue in this way until you have glued cardboard side wall to the whole edge of the styrofoam back wall.
The included cardboard roll adjusts completely to all shapes and curves, so this procedure is quite simple.
Once you reach the other side of the base, cut the excess length of cardboard with scissors and glue the remaining length of the cardboard to the base itself to complete the look.

Once the decoration frame is completely assembled, it can be filled with balloons of different sizes and colors. Balloons can be attached onto the frame using double-sided adhesive tape or a low temperature glue gun. Attach large balloons first, then fill the remaining space with smaller balloons in an organic style. Do not force balloons against the cardboard wall, in order to maintain the shape of the design. 

Make sure to learn from the videos on this page!